Wander the Galaxy Worry-free with Samsung Knox Vault

Mobile phones have now become our daily companions - from helping us accomplish everyday tasks, to watching videos, playing mobile games, and sharing content as a way to connect with people. Thus, making it essential for our devices to have advanced security features to protect our data and ensure a worry-free mobile experience. 

Samsung is giving us a galaxy of reasons to truly enjoy the things we love to do with our phones by expanding its Security Solutions to its Galaxy A Series mobile devices, giving even better protection for your personal and highly sensitive information as you go along your day-to-day living in this digital age.

Protect Important Data with Knox Vault Awesome Features

Knox Vault is a hardware-based security solution with its own processor, memory, and non-volatile secure storage developed by Samsung to protect the users’ highly sensitive data such as passwords and biometrics. It is an isolated, tamper-proof, and secure subsystem with a good interface meant to provide strong security measures that protects Samsung  devices from  firmware attacks.

Mobile devices are prone to malicious attacks that can compromise and access highly personal data. Knox Vault is tested to provide protection from any software and hardware attacks such as physical manipulation, forced information leakage, side-channel attack, and fault injection. 

As one of its features, Attestation Key is a security program that is designed to protect the users’ personal information in case the device is lost or stolen and is detected to be manipulated by an unauthorized malicious user. It prevents unauthorized actors from accessing important systems like Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, and Knox Services. 

Speaking of security, Weaver, another feature for password authentication, ensures users that their data and secrets are protected as the binary exponential back-off algorithm is automatically triggered to keep data from being read and measured if the proper key is not provided. 

A Galaxy of Expanded Protection

Knox Vault is recognized in 31 countries globally through the Common Criteria Recognition Agreement (CCRA), a framework for evaluating security products. Its components are evaluated by an independent third party, Common Criteria Testing Laboratory (CCTL) and underwent requirements evaluation in the Security IC Platform Protection Profile with Augmentation Packages at EAL4+ and EAL5+ assurance requirements. 

Security paired with awesome entertainment

Enjoy your favorite series worry-free and clearly with the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 5G series, featuring a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with Vision Booster for optimal visibility. These phones also boast a speedy 25W charging battery, ensuring all-day use. Elevate your style with the Galaxy A25 5G starts at P15,990 (6GB+128GB) and P18,990 (8GB+256GB), while the sleek Galaxy A15 begins at P9,990 for LTE and P10,990 for 5G.

More awesome is also coming in your way this March as Samsung is gearing to kick-start an amazing summer! For more information, follow us at Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter).

To know more about Samsung’s latest offerings, visit www.samsung.com/ph/.

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