The Tab that keeps on giving: All the reasons why the Samsung Tab A9 series is the holiday gift for the family’s every need

From doing work on the go to enjoying videos and playing games in your downtime, there’s no denying that today’s tablets have become a great portable all-in-one productivity and entertainment hub perfect for our busy lifestyles. With the launch of Samsung's latest Galaxy Tab A9 and Galaxy Tab A9+, getting a tablet that offers premium productivity, entertainment, and creativity tools in your wallet is now easier than ever.

Here are the reasons why the Samsung Tab A9 series is the ultimate tablet for your family - and why you should pick one up this Christmas!

Bright and wide display for immersive viewing and gaming

With an almost endless array of family entertainment options we can access nowadays, it is best to have a screen display that gives off brighter and wider viewing. Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and Tab A9+, you and your fam can indulge in movie marathons or weekly family gaming tournaments. The Galaxy Tab A9 has an 8.7” screen, a MediaTek’s Helio G99 processor and a 60Hz refresh rate, while the Galaxy Tab A9+ boasts a wide 11” display, a Snapdragon® 695 5G processor and a 90Hz refresh rate, which gives you smooth and fluid visuals for action-packed scenes and high-intensity gaming sessions. Sounds also come in crisp and clear with 3D sound support by Dolby Atmos.

A learning hub for kids 

For parents, you can enrich your kids' educational experience by giving them access to a variety of digital learning platforms that are built-in with Samsung Kids, which has a variety of quality edutainment content and play apps that are appropriate for different ages.

You’ll also want to help your kids develop good digital habits in a safe digital environment. You can confidently use Tab A9 and A9+ by creating a child profile, where you decide what apps and content to show, set playtime and bedtime, and monitor their usage. It's easy to start as you can launch Samsung Kids with a single touch on the Quick Panel, using your PIN or pattern to enter or exit the app.

No need to worry about the space these apps will take up as the new Galaxy Tab A9 has a storage of 64GB and memory of 4GB, while the Galaxy Tab A9+ grants 128GB of storage and 8GB memory, which you can extend up to 1TB with MicroSD cards.

Expansive access to portable productivity 

The Galaxy Tab A9 and Tab A9+ offer multiple productivity features to help make each family member more efficient at work and school. Elevate your efficiency anytime with the help of DeX Mode, a function that lets you use your tablet like a desktop. You can maximize the Galaxy Tab A9 series by opening up to two apps using the Galaxy Tab A9 and three apps with the Galaxy Tab A9+.

You can also get your work done on one tab and check in with your family members on the other simultaneously by utilizing the split screen feature - you can open up to three apps all on one screen without ever closing a window. Save time when transferring files thanks to Quick Share, which enables you to share files with your Galaxy phone or other Galaxy devices with just a few taps.

On top of that, when you have a busy day, rest assured the Galaxy Tab A9 series keeps you going with up to 7,040 mAh battery life.

Best gift for the family

The Samsung Tab A9 series gives you premium features at a wallet-friendly price, making it the perfect Christmas gift for the family. Samsung’s signature sleek and cool tablet design is available in stylish colors of Gray and Silver, with the starting price of P8,990 for the Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab A9, while the LTE variant is only P10,990. The Wi-Fi version of the Tab A9+ is available for P14,990, while the 5G-equipped model will retail for P18,990 only. 

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