Ulike Air3 & Air+: The ladies’ new bestie for painless hair removal

Women can have varying opinions on whether they should remove their body hair or let it grow. But what’s great about having your own beauty routine is that you have the power to choose what makes you feel good and confident. What other people might think won’t matter at the end of the day.

If you’re someone who likes investing in body hair removal, it’s always important to find a method that’s not only effective, but also doesn’t damage your skin. Enter Ulike’s Air3 and Air+, two revolutionary IPL (intense pulsed lighting) hair removal devices that you can use at home. These can help you take control and redefine your grooming routine without the hassle.

Here are the many benefits to using Ulike Air3 and Air+ for your hair removal needs:

Gentle and painless

The beauty of using IPL for hair removal is it uses gentle light therapy. Unlike other body hair removal methods like waxing or shaving, Ulike Air3 and Air+’s IPL method is completely painless. You won’t have to worry about damaging or causing unnecessary redness to your skin.

The Air3 is equipped with Sapphire Ice Cool technology that soothes the skin. It also has an AutoGlide mode that delivers a super quick flash every 0.7 seconds. The Air+’s Diamond Blue Ice Cool also leaves a soothing sensation to the skin.


Quick, long-term results

Ulike Air3 and Air+ can zap body hair in a matter of seconds. You can see visible results in just three weeks. They’re also designed for delivering long-term hair reduction. This can definitely help make your beauty routines more efficient.


Easy to use for harder-to-reach areas

Both the Air3 and Air+ are lightweight devices that you can easily use on various areas, from your underarms to your bikini area. The Air3 is only 271g, making it a travel-friendly device. Meanwhile, the Air+ is only 284g and it’s great for women with thick hair.



Personalize your routine

It’s important for on-the-go women to be flexible with their beauty routines. The Air3 has three different power modes, which allows you to personalize your hair removal process based on different treatment locations. The Air+, on the other hand, has five power modes that can also help you change up your grooming routine.


You know your body and skin best, so take control of your beauty routine with Ulike’s innovative line of IPL hair removal devices. If you’re looking for a convenient tool to easily personalize your grooming habits, the Air3 and the Air+ are available via Ulike’s online store on Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop.

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