Larga Ta Cebu! PAL opens more local destinations from Cebu

Cebu, Philippines – The national flag carrier of the Philippines, Philippine Airlines (PAL), officially expanded its Cebu hub to offer more flights and destinations around the country. PAL now offers a new route from Cebu to Laoag and resumes flights from Cebu to parts of Visayas and Mindanao.

PAL’s Cebu hub is mounting flights to Laoag as the gateway to Ilocos Norte, which is home to unique natural rock formations, sand dunes, and centuries-old stone churches that preserve the province’s rich history. Through this newly opened direct route, travelers will now also have easier and faster access to cultural heritage sites and local flavors in the entire Ilocos region – all starting from the vibrant heart of Cebu.

“Through our “Larga Ta, Cebu!” campaign, Philippine Airlines is providing more ways to reach every part of the Philippines and the world. The true beauty of our diversity and culture is best seen through the eyes of explorers, and we want more people to experience the unparalleled beauty of our land,” shares Philippine Airlines President Captain Stanley Ng. "PAL is eager to serve more leisure and business travelers and thus we are expanding our network of flights to and from the Queen City of the South, as Cebu is an ideal and convenient travel gateway," he added.

Its strategic location in the center of the Philippines has long made Cebu a commerce, culture, and connection hub. PAL’s expansion of its Mactan-Cebu hub to include a historic new route to Laoag provides more opportunities for travelers and encourages cultural exchange as passengers traverse diverse regions. Additionally, PAL enhances travel convenience with shorter direct routes to enable tourists to explore various destinations not just in the north but also across the Philippines.

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Larga Ta!

Beyond the pioneering new route to Laoag, PAL will also restore flights going to General Santos, Legazpi (Daraga), and Ozamiz from Cebu. PAL’s comeback on these three prime routes offers travelers a gateway to unforgettable adventures and the chance to uncover the Philippines’ hidden gems.

General Santos, the "Tuna Capital of the Philippines," lures you with its bountiful aquatic treasures and rich seafood experiences. PAL's direct Cebu-GenSan flights make it easy to explore waterfalls, relax on pristine beaches, and dive into nearby South Cotabato’s serene surroundings and rich culture.

In Legazpi, the iconic Mayon Volcano is the star attraction, accompanied by historic landmarks and Bicol Express, a culinary gem that exemplifies the bold and spicy flavors of the Bicol Region. Beyond culinary delights, PAL offers efficiency and an enjoyable travel experience through its nonstop flights from Cebu to Legazpi, via the new Bicol International Airport in Daraga, Albay.

Rounding up the list of new gateways, Ozamiz City is home to abundant natural parks, diverse cuisines, and an extensive colonial heritage. Indulge and explore the gateway of Misamis Occidental through PAL’s direct flights from Mactan-Cebu, offering travelers a seamless and enriching journey to these remarkable attractions, enhancing their travel experience with accessibility and awesome choices.

"Philippine Airlines welcomes all to explore new destinations around our country, all accessible from our hub airport in Cebu. Let's discover the uncharted wonders and embrace the diverse beauty of our beautiful Philippines," Captain Ng said.

Travelers can book their next journey from Cebu to Laoag, General Santos, Legazpi (Daraga), and Ozamiz for the travel period beginning December 15, 2023. Book your next flight from Cebu and visit the Philippine Airlines website

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