Takeda Healthcare Philippines Honored Among Asia’s Best Workplaces in 2023, Cited For Its Exceptional Workplace Culture

Takeda Philippines Team Building

Takeda Healthcare Philippines, Inc., a leading pharmaceutical company committed to promoting better health for people and a better future for the world, has been listed by the Great Place To Work®, the global authority on workplace culture, on the 2023 Best Workplaces in Asia™ List.

The 2023 Best Workplaces in Asia award honors workplaces in Asia that provide exceptional work environments for their employees, based on employee experience surveys that assess company culture and values. This prestigious recognition recognizes companies that prioritize employee well-being, foster a positive and inclusive workplace culture, and demonstrate outstanding practices in areas such as leadership, career development, and work-life balance. 

“We are absolutely thrilled and proud to be listed as one of the Best Workplaces 2023 in Asia. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to nurturing a culture of trust, empowerment, and inspiration for our people to use their unique voices and talents to positively impact people’s lives every day – including their own,” said Loreann Villanueva, Country Manager of Takeda Philippines. “Creating a remarkable experience for our people is the first step in providing transformative healthcare solutions and contributing significantly to our society. By offering a diverse and inclusive work environment, job flexibility, and rewarding development opportunities, we make this possible. Our people are the heart of our success.”

Great Place to Work® encourages companies to continuously invest in their employees' growth and satisfaction, high-trust environment and ultimately contributing to the overall development of the respective industries. A Great Workplace is about the trust employees have with their leaders, the pride they have in their jobs and the happiness they experience with their colleagues, which has become increasingly important in today's competitive job market. Organizations on the list were selected from those that had participated in the Great Place to Work® renowned employee survey process. 

Employees at Takeda Philippines are free to express their ideas, suggestions, and recommendations because the company is dedicated to maintaining a work environment that prioritizes creativity, collaboration, and diversity while fostering a respectable, honest, inclusive and speak up culture. This will help the business determine how to make long-lasting improvements. There are numerous opportunities for employees to openly discuss issues with their leaders, such as Coffee Talks and "Thank God It's Friday" sessions.  

In addition, in the Philippines employees receive quarterly care packages from the company to make them feel valued. Fridays are also designated as "no meetings day," allowing employees to finish up any unfinished business, reorganize for the coming week, and start winding down for the weekend a little earlier. Not to mention, there are programs for leadership development, on-the-job training, and employee assistance initiatives that aim to help employees in need or develop their skills.  By doing this, Takeda Philippines gives its employees the tools they need to succeed and make a real difference in their work and ultimately the lives of others.

"Well-being is the cornerstone of our People-First culture. Our mission of ‘Better Health for People, Brighter Future for the World’ is only possible when we take care of our own people. Being listed among the Best Workplaces in Asia is a remarkable achievement for us. I am so proud of our team, so inspired by our people and so motivated by their energy,” added Villanueva.

As Takeda Healthcare Philippines celebrates this remarkable achievement, the company looks forward to building on its success and continuing to serve as an example of excellence in workplace culture not just across Asia but also around the globe.

The Best Workplaces in Asia List is published here: https://www.greatplacetowork.com/asia-2023

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