What Makes a Memorable First Flight Experience? Cebu Pacific Travelers Share Their Stories

Viaherang Praktikal


They say you never forget your first time. It’s especially true when you board a plane for your very first trip.

For many Filipinos, air travel is an expensive activity. Some think that in order to reach their dream destinations, they must shell out tens of thousands of pesos for the trip. First-time travelers would even say that it can be a nerve-wracking experience being thousands of feet off the ground. The intermittent turbulence can make your heart skip a beat.

But getting great values on every flight and arriving at your destination safely and conveniently make the journey all worth it. This is the core of what Cebu Pacific offers to everyJuan who flies with it, especially first-timers, according to its passengers.

“[It was] nothing short of extraordinary,” said Ronalene Santos as she described her first ever flight going to Davao with Cebu Pacific back in 2012. 

“From the moment I stepped into the airport to the time I landed in Davao, Cebu Pacific proved why it’s considered the best airline for this journey,” she said. “One of the highlights of my journey was when the plane soared above the clouds, I was treated to breathtaking views from my window seat.” 

Avid traveler Viaherang Praktikal first flew with Cebu Pacific in 2013, aboard Flight 5J 637 bound for Puerto Princesa together with her friends. She said the airline’s low fares and promotions made it the best choice for young professionals like her who wanted to see more of the Philippines and the world. 

“[From] the moment I handled my bookings, Cebu Pacific has been my airline of choice,” she said. “I was convinced to ride with them after my first experience since I have proven that the flight is comfortable and safe, and with the in-flight games, it is fun too!”

Finding the right airline. Viaherang Paktikal says Cebu Pacific's budget-friendly options are ideal for her practical lifestyle. 

Just like many Filipino travelers, the majority of Viaherang Praktikal’s trips were booked during Cebu Pacific’s seat sales and piso fares. Echoing this sentiment is Monaliza De Jesus, who first flew with Cebu Pacific for her daughter’s 7th birthday in 2009 going to Hong Kong. She said she’s a “huge fan” of the piso fares. “We will not be frequent travelers without Cebu Pacific’s promo fares,” said Monaliza.

Monaliza De Jesus

Traveling for the first time. Monaliza De Jesus booked Cebu Pacific for her trip to Hong Kong back in 2009.
For Ronalene, what made her very first flight with Cebu Pacific memorable was how convenient it was, and how accommodating the ground staff were. “The staff at the airport were friendly and helpful, guiding me through the steps with ease. I was impressed by their efficiency and the seamless way they handled the check-in, making me feel comfortable and ready for my flight,” she said. 

Cebu Pacific offers the widest domestic network among local carriers, and also has a strong international presence. With 35 local and 23 international destinations and its signature seat sales, the airline has become the preferred carrier of many Filipinos, especially first-time travelers.

“It enables us and our families to travel more frequently without breaking the bank,” Ronalene said.
For Viaherang Praktikal, Cebu Pacific has made her dreams of traveling around the Philippines and several countries possible because it meets her budget. So far, she’s booked 33 roundtrip flights with them, which include 16 local and 17 international trips. “I am looking forward to finishing all provinces in the Philippines with Cebu Pacific and flying to all the international destinations they have,” she said.

Viaherang Praktikal Destination Map

Flying around the Philippines. Avid traveler Viaherang Paktikal's goal is to visit all of Cebu Pacific's domestic destinations. 

For the past 27 years, Cebu Pacific has made moments happen for many first-time flyers, with its value-for-money fares, exciting in-flight experience, and unparalleled service. These, along with its commitment to provide safe, reliable, and affordable air travel, truly make Cebu Pacific the best airline for everyJuan. 

“Cebu Pacific lives up to its reputation as the best airline for [budget-friendly] routes. The combination of exceptional service, modern aircraft, and a friendly and efficient team made [my first flight] an absolute delight,” said Ronalene. “It’s an airline that knows how to make flying a truly enjoyable experience.”

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