#Donbelle: The Awesome Galaxy A Series Ambassadors we Stan

Team Galaxy Ambassadors #DonBelle

Gen Z peeps are now at the point of their lives where they have a lot going on, with numerous goals for themselves and the people they care about, and finding time to reap the fruits of their hard work. Having the perfect tool to work and play hard while being #aesthetic is what a Gen Z needs, which the Samsung Galaxy A series awesome ambassadors #TeamGalaxy DonBelle have right now in their hands!

With fresh projects coming in, we can’t help but stan Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, or simply #DonBelle, as they continue to steal the spotlight with their awesomeness. Long-time members of #TeamGalaxy, they find themselves in awe of the new Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G as their constant companion in their everyday lives, sharing what they love about these extraordinary devices.

“It is nice that we are also with a brand that believes in their people, but not just that; they have amazing products; very awesome”, Donny expressed while.

Amazing camera and refined photos for awesome content

Donny and Belle spend their time mostly on screen and in social media, with endorsements, upcoming projects, or just sharing their hobbies and interests. With the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G, they have the perfect device to create content that helps them in their endeavors as Gen Z artists.

Belle shares that taking photos is such a big deal for her. In her recent post on Instagram, she says that the camera quality of her Galaxy A54 5G is so good, it lets her unlock a new level of awesome. “I can perfectly capture my awesome moments with its multi-camera and scale up my selfies with its 32-megapixel front camera and 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera”.

As for Donny, he likes the Object Eraser feature as it conveniently erases unnecessary objects for a more outstanding photo. “I think one of my favorite features is the way you’re able to edit a photo after you take it, there’s so many things you could do, like if you have stray hairs, you can remove them. It’s so quick, it’s like magic”, he mentions.

Aesthetic design and fresh captivating colors

Aside from the incredible camera and photo-editing tools, this love team can't get enough of the Samsung Galaxy A series' design. Donny said the phones look super cool, and Belle loved the new colors: Awesome Lime and Awesome Graphite for the Galaxy A54 5G, with Awesome Violet as an online-only offer, and Awesome Graphite and Awesome Violet for the Galaxy A34 5G.

“I feel like Gen Z people are very unique and the phone I think is very unique just the way it looks, the design, colors, very unique–super fit for Gen Z”, said Donny, while Belle mentions, “It has character. Like, you really can tell someone’s personality when you look at their phone. It has different colors which describe you.”

“For me when it comes to choosing my phone–other than the features, obviously that’s a big factor–I really want it to be aesthetically pleasing and our Samsung [Galaxy] A54 5G and A34 [5G], they’re really aesthetic and I love the colors.”, added Belle.

Powerful performance and long battery life

Donny, who is always on the go and looking for new things to try, says there are so many things he could do with his phone. He said, “It's just so fun to have. There’s so many out of the ordinary quirks to it that I feel like you really can’t live without it.”

For Belle, she is amazed with the battery life of her phone. “You guys have no idea; the struggle is real whenever [like] I have to charge my phone then there’s no outlet available or I’m traveling. It’s really such a big thing if your battery is long-lasting and that’s what I really love about Samsung”, shared Belle.

DonBelle can remain on top of their everyday activities thanks to the outstanding performance of the Samsung Galaxy A series. The Exynos 1380 powers the A54 5G, while the MediaTek Dimensity 1080 powers the A34 5G. Both are backed by super-fast 5G connectivity for productivity and a battery that can last more than two days on a single charge with video playback lasting up to 21 hours.

Beyond helping them in their artistic pursuits, the Samsung Galaxy A series help Donny and Belle share how to live the awesome life, especially for their fellow Gen Zs. Belle says, “Always see yourself [as] awesome, ‘cause people around you are like mirrors–mirrors of who you are. So if you see yourself [as] awesome, it will reflect.”

“Always know that there will be times [that] you will fail; but it’s really about how you rise above it and put your focus on the positive things in life and those who love and care for you, and who’ll motivate you to strive for your own dreams and to just keep pushing. The sky’s the limit.”, Donny said.

Join Donny and Belle in the awesome universe with your own Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G! The Galaxy A54 5G retails for PHP 26,990 for the 256GB variant and PHP 24,990 for the 128GB variant, while the Galaxy A34 5G retails for PHP 21,990 for the 256GB variant and PHP 19,990 for the 128GB variant.

Both gadgets come with great deals, such as Home Credit's flexible payment options and 0% Credit Card installment plans. If you wish to trade in your old gadget, you can save up to PHP 10,150. Bundle discounts with other Samsung devices are also available: get 50% off the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Buds2, and 30% off the Galaxy Watch5 Series.

You can also take home a free Galaxy Buds Live worth PHP 7,990 and a clear phone case and travel adapter when you buy your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G or A34 5G during the Great Samsung Sale until June 25, 2023.*

For more information, visit https://www.samsung.com/ph/

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