Unleash Your Inner Awesome with your friends: Surefire Moments Captured with the Samsung Galaxy A24 LTE

Samsung Galaxy A24 LTE


Nothing is better than taking snaps of life’s most awesome moments when you have an amazing phone at your side. Capture your most authentic and extraordinary moments with the squad with the Samsung Galaxy A24 LTE!

Whether doing nothing together, leveling up your usual routine, painting the town yellow, or even searching for new adventures, Samsung is here to help you uncover your awesomeness with your squad with the latest Galaxy A24 LTE. Here are some amazing things you can add to your squad bucket list that you can capture forever with your Galaxy A24:


Go on road trips and discover new fave spots

Hitting the road and blasting your favorite tracks strikes differently when you and your friends sing along at the top of your lungs.  Go for a fun day trip or continue it as an unplanned overnight or a whole weekend getaway, depending on your schedule and budget. You can visit attractions along the way, like theme parks, discover new hangouts such as bowling alleys and cafes, go camping and hiking, schedule a picnic date, or even unearth a new tradition with your friends and make your road trips into a quarterly or yearly custom. Don’t forget to take some fun Tiktok videos so your followers can also share the ride!


Track down food-filled adventures

Hands down, the best moments happen when you’re on a car ride with friends. Still, another reason you and your favorite humans vibe together is definitely your love for food. While you make tracks, you might as well scoop out all the cafes, food trucks, and bazaars and don’t miss out on seasonal food fests in the area. Awaken your inner foodie slash wanderer self, satisfy your cravings and make the most out of the moments you share - and don’t forget to snap and share some IG-worthy food shots and spreads along the way.


Celebrate milestones - big or small

Finding the people you can totally vibe with hits differently when you have reached the point of celebrating anything together. That’s when you know you are true BFFs!  It’s not just about waiting for midnight to greet you on your birthday, but it’s the overcome-fears-together, doing things for the first time together, cheering each other on when things get tough, bringing each other food, and sharing daily happenings. Even doing nothing together becomes truly awesome when it’s with your best buds - and the best part is, you can fill these casual hang-outs with so much fun by watching short clips and recreating them with your squad or simply appreciating these small moments by commemorating them with photographs and videos to keep forever.

Capture these awesome moments - big or small - with the new Galaxy A24 LTE that unleashes the awesomeness within you. Awesomeness can happen anytime when you’re with your squad, so having an excellent phone you can count on at each moment is a big flex. And with the new Galaxy A24 LTE, rest assured you won’t have a lousy take as the Galaxy A24 LTE holds a 50-megapixel main camera, a 5-megapixel ultra-wide, and a 2-megapixel macro lens so taking 0.5 selfies with the squad is as easy as counting 123. You can capture crisp photos and shoot crystal-clear videos of your escapades at any angle! It also has a 13-megapixel selfie lens ready to take as many snaps as possible.

The Galaxy A24 LTE also has Super AMOLED displays that offer brighter screens and more vibrant colors while using less power so you can record all your memories with friends. You won’t even have to worry about the memory and storage as it now has 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage powered with a Mediatek 6789 processor to provide better memory bandwidth and a Micro SD card port to keep every detail of your adventures.

Never miss out on anything with your squad and get this awesome phone to keep up with your everyday adventures at an affordable price of only PHP 14,990! You can get a free 25W travel adapter and 128GB SD card worth P1,749 with every purchase of the Galaxy A24 LTE from authorized Samsung Stores from May 15 to August 6.

Grab these awesome deals and let your adventure begin!

For more information, check out: https://www.samsung.com/ph/

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