RHEA Generics Shares Practical Tips to Avoid Silent Heart Risks

RHEA Generics Heart Risks


In a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) – or diseases of the heart and blood vessels – are responsible for more than 30% of deaths in the Philippines in 2021. Often referred to as ‘silent killer’, these are diseases that cause minimal or no symptoms and are capable of causing death if not treated, such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Most people are not even aware that they have it consequently, and do not know how to protect themselves against it.

Now, more than ever, actions must be taken to prevent these silent killers, and understanding how to take care of our hearts' health can be the first step. RHEA Generics, one of the Philippines’ most trusted names in the field of generic medicine, shares some healthy lifestyle changes that will improve your heart health:

Stay away from tobacco

Chemicals in cigarette smoke cause the cells that line blood vessels to swell and inflame which can narrow the blood vessels and lead to various cardiovascular conditions. One of the effective ways to live a heart disease-free and healthy lifestyle is to stop smoking or using smokeless tobacco. RHEA Generics suggests that even if you’re not a smoker, you need to veer away from secondhand smoke. After a year of quitting, the risk of heart disease is about half that of a smoker. Fifteen years after quitting, the risk of heart disease is the same as that of a non-smoker.

Prevent alcohol use

According to the WHO, alcohol consumption has been linked to more than 200 diseases and injury conditions, including cardiovascular diseases. While most Filipinos report their alcohol drinking occasionally, binge drinking is common in the country. There is no safe level for drinking alcohol, so RHEA Generics recommends that it is better to avoid drinking alcohol altogether to protect your heart.

Keep a healthy weight

The National Nutrition Council (NNC) mentioned that 28.7% of Filipino adults aged 20 to 59 years old are overweight while 9.3% are obese. Being overweight — especially around the middle of the body — increases the risk of heart disease. Excess weight can lead to conditions that increase the chances of developing heart disease — including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. With this, RHEA Generics emphasizes stress reduction, healthy eating, exercise, and regular exercise.

Be active by increasing physical activities

Improved levels of cholesterol and other blood lipids, as well as improved blood pressure and weight management, are all benefits of physical activity. RHEA Generics recommends that even as part of their regular daily routines, inactive adults might begin with small amounts of physical activity and gradually increase its duration, frequency, and intensity. Adults are advised to engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise each week (such as brisk walking, stair climbing, dancing, gardening, or household chores that may cause a mild increase in heart rate).

RHEA Generics Heart Risks

Get regular health screenings

Normal blood pressure and blood sugar check by a health professional are crucial in maintaining a healthy heart.  Some people do not exhibit symptoms even if they already have high blood pressure – and it can hurt your heart. RHEA Generics encourages discussing any behavioral concerns with your healthcare provider, such as an unhealthy diet, a lack of exercise, or the use of alcohol or tobacco, so they can help you plan the lifestyle changes you need to make to improve your heart health.

Eat a heart-healthy diet

One's risk of developing heart disease can be minimized by consuming a balanced diet that prioritizes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean proteins while limiting saturated and trans fats, added sweets, and sodium. That said, RHEA Generics promotes eating healthy by avoiding the consumption of processed, canned, and fast food. Replace sweetened snacks such as doughnuts, cookies, and the like with fresh fruit and vegetables and if thirsty, substitute sweetened beverage sodas and sweetened juices with water.

However, access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food for an active and healthy life often comes at a high cost.

On top of this, most basic healthcare services are sometimes inaccessible and expensive. In fact, 99 percent of Filipinos are unable to buy prescription medications due to their price, according to the Ulat ng Bayan September report of Pulse Asia released by the DOH.

To help Filipinos attain affordable healthcare, RHEA Generics remains accessible and affordable without compromising its world-class quality and safe health products. 

“Every Filipino has the right to accessible quality health care which is why we in RHEA Generics make sure that our products remain affordable. We continue to innovate and improve our product to reach every Filipino family,” said Philusa Corporation President and General Manager Neogin Evangelista.

RHEA Generics recently partnered with international pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Sanofi to ensure that Filipinos have access to medicines, especially for hypertension, heart attack, and stroke prevention assuring every Filipino that their partner in healthcare is associated with reliable medical professionals around the world.

To know more, you can drop by the nearest Mercury Drug store near you. Always make sure to only purchase medicine with a doctor’s prescription, as medicine taken without one can be harmful.


About RHEA Generics

With more than 40 years in the industry of producing quality and affordable medicine, RHEA Generics is one of the most trusted names in health and wellness in the Philippines. It has partnered with some of the world’s best pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Viatris, Sanofi, GSK, Otsuka, Merck, Fresenius Kabi, AstraZeneca, OEP, Lundbeck, and Boehringer Ingelheim to provide world-class medicine for the Filipinos.

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