Raising well-rounded children through positive reinforcement

Raising well-rounded children through positive reinforcementRaising well-rounded children through positive reinforcement

In this day and age, modern parenting styles and new child behavior management methods have been developed. Just as every child is unique, every family also has their own set of ways for child-rearing, and what might work for one, might not work for another. 

We often hear of positive reinforcement and how it has become one of the most advocated forms of establishing discipline in children. Many believe that acknowledging your child’s good behavior might work better even if it seems counterproductive at the beginning.

Berkeley Well-Being Institute1 describes positive reinforcement as the method of increasing the future occurrence of some response or behavior by following that behavior with an enjoyable consequence. To put it plainly, recognizing and rewarding your child’s good behavior can eventually promote the recurrence of that behavior in the future.

Why positive reinforcement?

The way you discipline your children can affect their long-term behavior. While it is critical that children should be disciplined, this does not imply that harsh verbal and physical punishments should be used. Positive reinforcement has the potential to provide longer-term benefits, which include a significant improvement in the bond between parent and child.

It can also help develop your child’s personality2. Children are innately smart. They know that good behavior can lead to favorable consequences like rewards or even simple recognition. As they continue doing good and getting praised for it, the value of self-discipline and responsibility gets instilled in them. Children prompted by apprehension, on the contrary, may only conform with minimal effort — they only do the bare minimum to avoid punishment.

When you recognize your child’s positive behavior, you make them more confident and feel great about themselves. Your words of affirmation will surely set up your children for future accomplishments and successes. Rather than making them feel bad and focusing on what they did wrong, positive reinforcement can make them realize that they are innately good, and they can do great things.         

Finding the right partner in raising your child

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