World Vision Philippines celebrates their 65th anniversary with “The Day My Life Changed” book

World Vision The Day My Life Changed Book Launch - Sponsored Children

Every Filipino will know someone who has been touched by the help of a World Vision Philippine’s supporters here and overseas. Today, in any given year, World Vision child sponsors and donors help 1.5 million of our most vulnerable children. They give these children the opportunity for a better future— their own, their communities’ and indeed all our country.


That’s evidenced by the many amazing stories of current and former sponsor children. Ace, who is now a policeman looking after his community. Bishop Alconga, who was World Vision sponsor child No 7. Commodore Armand Balilo, our one star General and spokesperson for the Philippine Coast Guard. The many teachers, nurses, business owners, professionals, amazing parents and grandparents that have flourished through World Vision’s programs since 1957.

World Vision The Day My Life Changed Book Launch - Commodore Armand Balilo

Commodore Armand Balilo went from selling rice cakes as a child to becoming one of our most prominent public servant. He says: “Years back, I was the one who needed to be saved and rescued. I grew up in a community where poverty and misery was a norm. I was selling rice cakes to put food on the table and there were times when I would attend Sunday School shirtless. One day, a World Vision project staff approached me and that day changed my life. My wonderful sponsors gave me the opportunity to create a better life for myself and my family.”

To mark its 65th anniversary, World Vision compiled a book entitled “The Day My Life Changed” with inspiring stories of sponsor children and how their sponsors helped them transform their lives.

Award-winning broadcast journalist and World Vision sponsor, Karen Davila, writes in the foreword on how her life changed ever since becoming a child sponsor and how she actively helped in transforming the organization to help more of our most vulnerable to get their opportunity.

World Vision The Day My Life Changed Book Launch - Rommel Fuerte

Rommel Fuerte, World Vision Philippines’ National Director is tasked with taking the organization into the future. One that he says needs many more Filipinos to help one of our most vulnerable children. He says: ‘Thanks to our supporters so many of our children have been able to write their own life story. I am passionate to see many more stories of transformation being written by our sponsors and their sponsor children.’

Mr. Fuerte sure know what he is talking about. He has sponsored a child with World Vision for over 25 years, started with World Vision in their programs on the ground and now, as National Director, guides World Vision Philippines and has led strategies and emergency responses for World Vision for 16 countries and is a key member of some of World Vision International’s committees, driving among other topics the fight on climate change, that affects all children in the world, but ours extremely.

“We hope that through this book, we find reflected in these pages God’s wonderful plan for our lives, enclosed with a prayer for our hearts the will to make it so,” he added.

World Vision The Day My Life Changed Book Launch - Rommel Fuerte Commodore Armand Balilo Jun Godornes

To know how you can avail the book, visit or follow World Vision’s official social media pages /worldvisionph on Facebook, @worldvisionphl on Instagram, and @worldvisionph on Twitter.

About World Vision

A faith based organization, World Vision is the world’s leading child aid organization and committed to helping our most vulnerable children and communities – even if they are in the most remote and dangerous places.. We help children and their communities on the ground in over 100 countries while driving change globally at UN and governments levels on child rights, poverty and climate change.

World Vision Philippines is the second oldest World Vision national office.

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