Cleene Ethyl Alcohol Partners with Plastic Bank in "Towards a Cleener Philippines" Campaign

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol Partners with Plastic Bank in "Towards a Cleener Philippines" Campaign

It was during Earth Day when I was invited to the media launch of the campaign, “Towards a Cleener Philippines”. The initiative from Cleene Ethyl Alcohol, a well-loved and trusted Filipino brand of best quality alcohol products by Philusa Cororation, is an effort to reduce plastic waste in seawaters as it partnered with Plastic Bank Corporation, a social enterprise which is known for its efforts in organizing and empowering the plastic collectors in coastal areas through building recycling ecosystems.

The said partnership encourages the Filipino people in general to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle by consciously taking into consider the impact of their everyday actions to the environment.
Being an archipelago, the Philippines has been dubbed as one of the top producers of marine waste in the world. With this, it is now more than ever that we need to take simple steps in our lives to have a positive impact to the world we’re living in. Cleene Ethyl Alcohol started their own pursuit for a “Cleener Philippines” by teaming up with Plastic Bank Corporation in their “Impact Program”. The project aims to help prevent 1.25 million plastic wastes (specifically plastic bottles) to enter our seawaters.

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol Towards a Cleener Philippines

Event host Joyce Pring-Trivino with Philusa Corporation President and General Manager Neogin Evangelistaand Plastic Bank Philippines Country Manager Rene Guarin.

600 plastic waste collectors in the coastal communities of Makati, Mandaluyong and Pasig will also benefit from this project as Cleene Ethyl Alcohol aims to help them improve their lives by empowering them to afford basic family needs through the “Impact Program”. And as Philusa Corporation President emphasized during the media launch, it’s the company’s commitment to finding sustainable ways to help the country by minimizing plastic waste in our seawaters and as well as help the Plastic Bank collectors.

In addition to that, the company is currently handing out several health kits to key cities in the country in aid of the vulnerable plastic collectors.

The Plastic Bank Corporation’s “Impact Program” has prevented over 2,401,315,100 plastic wastes from entering our seawaters which consequently helped and continues to help 588 communities in the country.
I am hopeful that this initiative will be impactful not only for the lives of the plastic collectors but also the general public and the environment as well. Let this be a gentle reminder to everyone that we can make an impact no matter how big or small our actions are.

As for me and my family, we have been plastic-free for years now and we bring our own containers and stuff when we shop for our daily supplies even how hard it is because the vendors would literally choose their plastic bags over our containers because of convenience. But little by little, in our small way, we try to tell them about the negative impacts of these pollutants and how important it is to have a “Cleener Philippines” for the future generations.

To learn more about this initiative and how you can take part in this movement, visit and

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